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Duct cleaning vent

Duct Cleaning

“If it is in your Ductwork – It’s in Your Lungs”

While in your home, the air you are breathing (22,000 breaths a day) has been circulated through your dirty, dusty, contaminated ductwork, at a rate of 5 times an hour.

The velocity at which the air travels through your ductwork causes it to stir up and drag particles with it. These particles get exhausted out of your supply registers into the air that you are breathing.

A certified technician is available for free estimates using a state-of-the-art infrared camera to inspect your existing ductwork.

How do we correct this situation?

Contaminates in the ductwork can be removed with a two step process.

This is a combination of pulling (applying vacuum with our HEPA Vac to the ducting system) and pushing (air blasting the dirt with 180 pounds pressure through patented air nozzles).

We remove and clean the blower and air wash the air conditioning coil.

After removal of contaminates, we sanitize the ducting system to further inhibit bacterial growth.

This systematic process of duct cleaning will take several hours.