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Heating and Cooling Products and Services in Toronto, OH

Air Excellence Offers Brand-Name Products & Services in WV, OH, & PA

The professionals at Air Excellence will help with a variety of heating and cooling services for you and your home. We sell and install brand-name products by Amana®, Daikin®, Arzel®, HTP®, and Airtemp®. Air Excellence promises nothing but the best for their customers. Let us help you with your heating and cooling. Call Air Excellence today at (740) 537-8055 or message us online. West Virginians, please call us at (304) 748-0633.

Geothermal Units

Geothermal units use the energy produced by the earth to heat and cool your home. These units draw heat from the ground, pulling it into your home and distributing it through your duct system.

Air Conditioning

With summer vacation coming up, the time for a working air conditioner has arrived. At Air Excellence Heating & Cooling, we sell and install air conditioning units from Amana®. Amana guarantees their units for 10 years, and that includes free parts and labor. Amana units will ensure that you are enjoying fresh and cool air in the comfort of your own home.

Heat Pumps

Air Excellence can provide you with a heat pump system to ensure that you and your home are safe from the harsh winter. Heat pumps can help with outdoor temperatures as low as negative 10 degrees. The heat pumps that we install are energy efficient, and we guarantee that our heat pumps will give you the best outcome for you and your home.


Air Excellence Heating & Cooling offers professional installation of zoning systems from Arzel® Zoning. Arzel Zoning is the leading manufacturer for zoning systems and works with us to make sure your home has the proper systems it needs for heating and cooling. This lets you control the heat and air separately for each room or individualized area of your home as needed.

Gas Furnaces

We install high-quality Amana® gas furnaces in homes across West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. These gas furnaces will help heat your home during the cold winter months. Air Excellence assures that Amana’s selection of gas furnaces will keep your home warmer and your bills lower.


When your home relies on radiated heat in the winter, you cannot afford for your boiler to fail. Call Air Excellence Heating & Cooling today! We install Elite FT Boilers by HTP® for homes and businesses in Steubenville, OH; Toronto, OH; and the surrounding areas. This reliable boiler is highly efficient, and can help you stay warm and save money.

Oil Furnaces

Air Excellence Heating & Cooling installs high-quality oil furnaces from Airtemp®. Airtemp furnaces are designed to provide you with the reliable, clean heating for your home. Airtemp’s oil furnaces offer years of comfortable heat.

Ductless HVAC Systems

Air Excellence Heating & Cooling offers a ductless heating and cooling system for your home. We are proud dealers of Daikin® Ductless HVAC Systems. These systems are flexible, efficient, and easily mounted on your wall or on your floor to give your home clean and fresh air and heat.

In-Floor Radiant Heating

In-floor radiant heating is one of the best heating systems. They are invisible, silent, and effective during the cold winter months and rainy days. These systems function by running hot water or electricity under the floor to heat the whole home. This heats your actual home instead of just the air inside to better keep you and your family comfortable.


Save in cleaning and maintenance when you sign up for an Energy Saving Agreement, which is a regular maintenance schedule that keeps your equipment running clean and efficient.